Call for proposals for the NRS Science Award 2018

NRS November 2017

Call for proposals for the NRS Science Award 2018 

The NRS Science Award is presented every 2 years to recognize outstanding achievements in interdisciplinary respiratory science.

The award will be granted to interdisciplinary research that has increased the exposure of respiratory research in the Netherlands (or has potential to do so). The award of € 10,000.- should be used for an activity that stimulates societal interest for the proposed research. The awardee(s) will report at the annual meeting of NRS, the Longdagen.

Criteria for the award are (minimally 4 out of 6 criteria should apply):

  • The study is innovative and is primarily embedded in the field of respiratory health and/or disease.
  • The Dutch team of investigators has an interdisciplinary background.
  • The study results have drawn scientific attention outside the respiratory field.
  • The study concerns collaboration between two or more research groups from different institutions.
  • The study has led to one or more collaborative scientific publications.
  • The study results have been covered by general media and/or by the lay-press, or have received scientific interest from outside the respiratory field.

All applications should contain a plan on how the award will be used to stimulate societal interest for the research.

Applications may be submitted by:

  • Individual scientists
  • Scientific groups
  • Scientific societies
  • Universities / departments.

The application should include a short description of the research, relevant publication(s) and a statement highlighting those aspects of the research that meet the requirements of this award. In addition, a plan for spending the award money (€ 10.000) should be included in the application.

Applications should be sent to: and should be received no later than February 1, 2018.
The award winner will be selected from applications by the NRS News committee, which will present its laureate to the Board for approval. The awardee will be announced during the Longdagen.

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