NPL questionnaire

NPL March 2022

Dear NRS-member,

Almost 6 years ago, the National Program for Lung research (NPL) launched five promising themes for lung research in the Netherlands to prevent and optimally treat lung diseases by contributing to improving the quality of research and by optimizing the (inter)national position and strength of Dutch pulmonary research ( This initiative, also known as “Life Long Lungs”, has led to a variety of national collaborations such as precision medicine for more oxygen (P4O2; and fatigue in chronic diseases including lung diseases (Fatigue). Key behind the success of these projects was the fact they were driven by national collaborations combining different fields of expertise to meet urgent research needs within the Dutch respiratory field.

To bring all players in the field of respiratory medicine together again, we would like to introduce to you the National Program for Lung research 2.0 that aims to map the gaps in respiratory research from a scientific, clinical, societal and patient perspective to ultimately launch new collaborative initiatives. To identify what is needed within Dutch respiratory research from a scientific perspective, we would like to ask you as valuable NRS member to fill in this questionnaire.

Based on your input, a top 3 will be selected per research category (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, pathophysiology and digitalization) to create a final list of ~15 topics. These topics will then be combined with the clinical perspectives as formulated in the “tweede kennisagenda NVALT in het kader van Zorgevaluatie” from the NVALT (Nederlandse Vereniging van Artsen voor Longziekten en Tuberculose) and the “Care Gaps” identified by the Dutch Pediatric Society (NVK) as represented by the SKL (Sectie Kinder Longziekten). Additionally, the selected topics will be coupled to the Longfonds agenda and the societal and patient perspectives inquired via patient organizations and the Longfonds. This approach will lead to a shortlist of overarching research themes with a broad scope that will be presented to all NRS members again to: (i) rank them according to their interest, (ii) to list their own expertise (iii) to indicate what other fields of expertise are required and (iii) to highlight what they would like to add to these new initiatives.

The output of this second inquiry will be used to create workgroups of interested scientists, caretakers and patients for a first (online) brainstorm session during Spring 2022. An update of these sessions can be presented during the Dutch Lung Conference that will be held on June 1-2, 2022. During this conference, there will also be opportunity for the workgroups to meet, discuss and welcome new members. Final goal for 2022 would be an onsite brainstorm session in September 2022 during which the workgroups will work on a proposal for their research theme the first day that will be plenary presented and discussed the next day. Another possible outcome might be that projects are better suited to execute in smaller working groups by stakeholders.

We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are to collectively bring Dutch respiratory research to the next level and welcome your valuable input!


The committee National Program for Lung research 2.0

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