Participation of NPL in the Netherlands Science Agenda with Netherlands Federation of Universities (NFU) and ZonMw!

NPL June 2017

The NFU, Federation of Dutch Universities has decided that Lung Diseases will participate in the National Science Agenda (NWA) route: Personalized Medicine. This is exciting news; next to Cancer, Cardiology and Mental Health Care, Lung diseases are now highlighted for Personal Medicine plans in the Netherlands!

For more information about NWA please go to http:///

This positioning also shows that our National Program of Lung research ‘A Lifelong Lungs’ has come under the attention of important national research organizations like ZonMw, National Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) and the Topsector Life Sciences and Health! An exciting next step in joint programming and positioning of respiratory research for the future.

Thanks to our meetings end of 2015 (Postma, Lancet) and the follow-up in which we together defined the five topics of pulmonary research for the future, we can now look forward to bring our ideas into this program with specified activities/ needs and budget.

Dirkje Postma will represent the Lung diseases in the NWA program “Personalised medicine”.  


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