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NPL 2.0 Meeting 19 January 2023

January 19, 2023

To bring all players in the field of respiratory medicine together again, we would like to introduce to you the National Program for Lung research 2.0 that aims to map the gaps in respiratory research from a scientific, clinical, societal and patient perspective to ultimately launch new collaborative initiatives. An inventory to identify what is needed within Dutch respiratory research has been performed amongst clinicians, scientists and patients and has led to the following overarching research themes of interest to all:

(indoor) Air quality
Pulmonary eHealth
Lung development and repair
Pulmonary infections

To discuss these topics on national level, we would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming NPL meeting on January 19, 2023 from 10.00u to 16.00u in Crown Plaza Utrecht. The goal of this meeting is to create new collaborative initiatives to explore how these themes can be transformed into successful research projects that can be used to apply for funding to execute research needed for better care, new treatments and/or prevention of lung diseases.

The program of the day:

  • 10.00u-10.30u                  arrival with coffee
  • 10.30u-11.00u                  opening
  • 11.00u-12.30u                  breakout I
  • 12.30u-13.30u                  lunch
  • 13.30u-15.00u                  breakout II
  • 15.00u-15.15u                  coffee break
  • 15.15u-16.00u                  conclusions and closure

Hopefully, you can join us during this first onsite step towards joining forces within the Dutch respiratory research again as a key to successful collaborative projects!
The NPL 2.0 committee
Anke-Hilse Maitland van der Zee (NRS)
Annemie Schols (NRS)
Gerard Koppelman (NRS, SKL)
Hermelijn Smits (SKL)
Agnes Boots (NRS)
Peter Kunst (NVALT)
Bas Holverda (Longfonds)
Dorothee Laan (Longfonds)
Emiel Rolink (LAN)
Jean Muris (GP)