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NRS Webinars

NRS webinars are held bi-monthly on a Thursday 12:30-13:30 CEST. 

How can I join?
The NRS webinars are live on Microsoft Teams. The link to the webinar are anounced via the NRS Newsflash to our members. NRS members can join the webinar for free. For enquiries, please email nrs@nrs-science.nl

Upcoming Webinars:

NRS Webinar-Innovative approaches in lung cancer

NRS webinar-"Innovative Approaches in Lung Cancer" 29 August 12:30-13:30.  Dr. Matthew Oser "Identification of Epigenetic Drivers of Small Cell Lung Cancer LineagePlasticity Using CRISPR/Cas9 Somatic Gene Editing In Vivo" Dr. MariekeFransen "Translational research of immunotherapy treated NSCLC, focus on tumor-draining lymph nodes"

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NRS Webinar-Chips in Respiratory Disease

NRS Webinar-"Chips in Respiratory Disease" 24 October 12:30-13:30.  Invited Speakers: Dr. Anne van der Does and Dr. Ramon Langen More information will follow soon

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