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NRS Mid-Career Award

The NRS Mid-Career Award is presented every 2 years to recognize outstanding achievements of established mid-career researchers in respiratory science. The award of € 10,000.- should be used for research activities and include a plan for societal outreach. 

There will be a call for the NRS Mid-Career Award opening in Spring 2025.

NRS Mid-Career Award 2022-Daisy Janssen

The Mid-career Award 2022 was newly introduced this year and awarded to Prof. Dr. Daisy Janssen, (Maastricht University Medical Center). She will use this award to facilitate the implementation of Interdisciplinary Home-bAsed Reablement Program (I-HARP) for patients with COPD needing palliative care. Update June 2023: with the financial support of the NRS, Professor Daisy Janssen created an e-learning environment for healthcare providers to recognize palliative care needs in people with COPD: https://rise.articulate.com/share/E8rA6AeJp3tSAjMcEAXSQubkISi9ZgVQ

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NRS Mid-Career Award 2022-Daisy Janssen