National Program for Lung Research 

The burden of respiratory diseases is high; one in 18 white European people suffers from a chronic respiratory disease, and this number is expected to increase because of climate and meteorological changes. 
One of the main reasons for the prevalence of respiratory diseases is that the respiratory system interacts with the environment more directly than most other organs of the body. Therefore, respiratory research has traditionally been interdisciplinary. The linking of these interrelated disciplines has provided better understanding of the origins, presence, and prognosis of respiratory diseases, but results have been insufficient to prevent, cure, or stop the progression of most of these diseases.

The Netherlands Respiratory Society has therefore initiated the development of a National Program for Lung Research entitled Lungs Lasting a Lifetime, to strengthen collaborative efforts in the Netherlands and improve the outlook for affected patients. The National Program for Lung Research (in Dutch “Nationaal Programma Longonderzoek” or NPL) is a clear example of how various groups in one country are collaborating to improve research.