5th Symposium of the NRS platform animal models in pulmonary research

On October 16th, 2015, the NRS platform animal models in pulmonary research organizes the 5th symposium in Utrecht, (David de Wiedgebouw, room M2.01, Universiteitsweg 99, Uithof). Our aim is to optimize the use of experimental models in lung research and to stimulate and facilitate collaborations between research groups of the academia and industry. During this 5th symposium, experts in the field, and PhD students will give an overview of the animal models used in pulmonary research such as pulmonary infection, asthma, lung emphysema, neonatal lung disease, ventilation induced lung injury etc. Our keynote speakers, Troy Randall (University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA) and Tibor Veres (University of Turku, Finland), will give overviews on "Local lymphoid tissues and immunity to pulmonary infection" and "Visualizing allergic immune responses of the airway mucosa", respectively. We invite all NRS members that are (interested in) working with animal models in experimental pulmonary or associated research.

Click here to view the full program. Please contact Gerry Wagenaar by email (cc to Gert Folkerts and Rudi Hendriks) to register for the symposium, before October 1th, 2015.  The closure of the symposium includes an informal dinner (Italian buffet) for which you are invited as well. Please indicate if you stay for dinner at the end of the symposium.

NRS membership is mandatory. After that the attendance is free of charge!

Contact persons: Gerry T.M. Wagenaar (g.t.m.wagenaar@lumc.nl), Gert Folkerts (G.Folkerts@uu.nl) and Rudi Hendriks (r.hendriks@erasmusmc.nl).

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