NPL 2.0 Meeting 2023 Utrecht

Merging the output of the NPL 2.0 questionaire with the clinical and patient perspectives, 5 overarching research themes have been identified: 

  • (indoor) Air quality
  • Pulmonary eHealth
  • Lung development and repair
  • Prevention
  • Pulmonary infections

The NPL committee would like to discuss these themes on a national level to see how we can form (new) consortia with specific tasks that will arrange funding to execute the research needed for better care, new treatments and/or prevention of lung diseases. A meeting will be organized on January 19, 2023 at Crown Plaza Utrecht between 11:00-17:00. 

We sincerely welcome you to join this event to join forces and develop successful collaborative projects within the Dutch respiratory research. If you would like to join us, please register below. During registration, please indicate the theme you'd like to participate in. The team leader of each research theme may contact you beforehand for distributing information or asking for input. 




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