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12th NRS Young Investigator Meeting

NRS 12th Young Investigator Symposium November 13th 2020 "My future research"
Digital meeting

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The NRS Young Investigator Symposium (YIS) is organized specifically for young investigators (PhD students, post-docs) and young physicians in training doing research within the field of lung diseases in the Netherlands. This symposium gives you the opportunity to start/broaden your network in the Netherlands, to practice presenting and discussing data, and of course to be inspired by the seminars given by (inter)national keynote speakers from the ‘Lung Field'. Obviously, starting PIs that are interested in the symposium are more than welcome to join this day.

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This year the YIS is organized digitally, and the program is somehow different from what you might expect from previous editions. The theme is ‘My future research’. In the morning you will be updated on future basic and future clinical pulmonary research. Excellent speakers will address future respiratory disease models, co-operative citizen science in health and innovation and ethics in clinical research. This is followed by a session where the Young Investigator Board of the NRS will discuss with you how the NRS can best support you in shaping your career. In preparation to this session, we appreciate if you would participate in the Young Investigator survey, which you can complete until the 6th of November 2020.

* Please note: By attending the NRS National Lung Course and 2 NRS YI symposia, you could earn 5 ECTS. However, this year’s YIS does not contribute to these 5 ECTS, as the format of the meeting is different this year due to COVID-19. However, we hope you will join this interesting morning nevertheless. 


Please register via the link at the bottom of this page until the 6th of November. The symposium is free for NRS members. Those who are not a member of the NRS are welcome, but pay € 50,- (which is the price of the NRS membership, so why not join our society!). 

--- REGISTRATION IS CLOSED --- Still interested in joining? Please contact Yolanda de Wit at nrs@nrs-science.nl


Please note: the platform works best on a laptop or PC (not a tablet), in the Chrome browser, and outside of a company network or VPN. In case of login problems, please check your firewall settings.



09:00-09:10 Welcome 
09:10-9:45 Prof. dr. Janette Burgess, University Medical Center Groningen
“The future of respiratory disease models”
09:45-10:20 Dr. Gaston Remmers, University of Twente
“Beyond RCT: towards co-operative citizen science in health”
10:20-10:35 Break with optional Network carousel 
10:35-11:10 Dr. Bob van Schaik, ORTEC Logiqcare, Zoetermeer
“Innovation in clinical research; a company perspective”
11:10-11:55 Interactive Young Investigator session
11:55- 12:05 SAB best paper award
12:05-12:15 NRS Swierenga Thesis Award 2019
12:15-12:20 Closing


You are also invited to join the digital general members meeting of the NRS from 12.30-13.30, where we also award the NRS Crossover Science Award and the NRS Swierenga Medal. Please let us know your presence at the general members meeting by sending an email to nrs@nrs-science.nl

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Young Investigator session

The Young Investigator board of the NRS would like to know how the NRS can support you in your career. For example, there are plans to set up a mentor program and the YI board would like to get your input on how this should be shaped further. A survey was sent to the NRS members prior to the meeting. The results of the survey will be presented and further discussed. This is meant to be a very interactive session, so please think along and let us know your thoughts!


The SAB Best Paper Award is presented every year to a young investigator who performed his/her research in a research institute or hospital in the Netherlands, or to a Dutch investigator who performed his/her research abroad. The NRS Swierenga Thesis Award is also presented during the YIS this year (due to cancellation of the Longdagen 2020).

SAB best paper awardNRS Swiergenga Thesis Award


Prof. dr. Janette Burgess, University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands

Janette Burgess is a Rosalind Franklin Fellow, originally from Australia, who joined the Department of Pathology and Medical Biology, Medical Biology section at UMCG in 2015.  Janette completed her Bachelor of Science (with honours) at the University of Adelaide in 1991 and her PhD at the University of New South Wales in 1998.  In 1999 she was appointed to a Post-doctoral position at the University of Sydney under the guidance of Prof Judy Black.  She has been awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) (Australia) Peter Doherty training award (2000-2006), NHMRC R.D Wright Career Development Award (2006-2011) and a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship level 2 (2012-2015).

Janette’s research focusses on the role of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in lung pathology.  She is intrigued by the changes in the tissue and airway structures of the lungs that occur during disease development and progression and wants to know if these changes are a cause or a consequence of the pathology.  Working with primary human cells, human lung tissue samples and patient clinical information, the research seeks to characterize the changes in the ECM that occur during disease in the lungs and to understand the mechanisms that underlie these changes.  By novel in vitro cell models, ex vivo human lung tissue models and advanced microscopy imaging techniques she is unraveling the complex nature of the regulation of the ECM and exploring its potential as a future target for therapeutic intervention. This research links basic science to the goods of prevention and treatment of human lung diseases that afflict millions of people worldwide.  (source: https://www.rug.nl/staff/j.k.denison-burgess/research)

Dr. Gaston Remmers, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Dr. Gaston Remmers is director and founder of ‘My data Our Health’ (Mijn Data Onze Gezondheid) that aims to enhance the power of citizens to manage their own health data. Moreover, as a senior expert in citizen science working at the DesignLab of the University of Twente Gaston is involved in research connecting health with (personalised) data.

Dr. Bob van Schaik, ORTEC Logiqcare, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

The amount of patient data in an average research environment is growing day by day. More data means a higher possibility to conclude results that could improve the quality of medical treatments. The ever growing mountain of data introduces also new challenges. How valuable is the data?  How to structure data suitable for analyses? How to avoid data pollution? How to obtain quick results from queries analyzing huge amount of data? Structuring data at the source and introducing advanced Data Science techniques and methods are essential to retrieve valuable research results. (source: https://logiqcare.com/logiqcare-for-medical-research/)


If you have any questions, please contact the Young Investigator Board by sending an email to nrs@nrs-science.nl .


We hope to see you all November 13th.

The NRS Young Investigator Board,
Dr. Anke Lenferink (chair), University of Twente
Dr. Susanne Vijverberg (vice chair), UMC Amsterdam
Dr. Jules Derks, Maastricht UMC+
Dr. Gimano Amatngalim, UMC Utrecht
Marlies Ketelaar, MD MSc, UMC Groningen