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Anita Kneppers received NRS Travel Grant

Travel grants January 2017

December 10-11th, I attended the 9th Cachexia conference in Berlin, where I presented part of my research in 2 poster sessions. The specific focus of the conference attracted a specialized audience, which allowed for in-depth discussions about my research with established researchers such as Marco Sandri, James Carson, Didier Attaix and Denis Guttridge. They provided me with leads for future measurements and research questions. Furthermore, plenary discussions about important concepts, such as the definition of sarcopenia, clarified the viewpoints of different researchers.

In the first morning session, I attended a statistics seminar which was focussed on the statistical considerations in the design of clinical trials. During the second morning session, I attended the ‘meet the mentor’ event. This event allowed me to meet Denis Guttridge, Robert Mak and Ronenn Roubenoff, who all provided me with invaluable advice on future career choices.

Several presentations were highly relevant for my research, including the presentation on autophagy across muscle disease by Marco Sandri, and posters on the role of the vitamin D receptor in muscle mass regulation (Joseph J. Bass), autophagy in cancer related muscle wasting (Fabio Penna), and ageing effects on cell cycle regulation in muscle undergoing atrophy and regrowth (Ulrik Frandsen). 

Anita Kneppers 
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