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Award winners 'Longdagen' 2018

General April 2018

On April 10-11th, the Lung Foundation, the NRS and the NVALT organized the ‘Longdagen’ for the seventh time. Pulmonologists, scientists, caregivers and people with lung disease came together to talk to each other, to discuss and to exchange knowledge. At the end of the ‘Londagen’ several prizes were awarded.

NRS Science Award 

The NRS Science Award is won by Prof. dr. Onno van Schayck from the Maastricht University. He received the award for the ‘Assessment of Burden of COPD (ABC) tool’ which has recently been developed and evaluated by a Dutch multidisciplinary team. The ABC tool aims to measure and visualize the burden that patients with COPD experience. The prize is €10.000. With this money they can further implement the ABC tool. Healthcare providers and patients need to be informed about the tool, and should be taught how to use the tool during consultation and in daily life.

NRS Swierenga Thesis Award

The NRS Swierenga Thesis Award is won by Dr. Jonne Doorduin from the Radboud University. In his thesis ‘Diaphragm dysfunction in critically ill patients’ he combined several clinical observational and intervention studies, all relating to respiratory function under IC and ventilation conditions.

NRS Swierenga Medal

The NRS Swierenga Medal is won by Prof. dr. Thys van der Molen from the University of Groningen. Throughout his professional career, he has had a marked impact on the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive airway disease in general practice, which also had major societal impact. He is one of the founders of academic primary care respiratory medicine, has published about 170 peer-reviewed papers, serves as aditor/editorial board member of several scientific journals and has supervised >15 PhD students from The Netherlands, Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, Greece and Spain.

NRS Chiesi Young Investigator Award

The NRS Chiesi Young Investigator Award is won by Khosbayar Lkhagvadorj from the University of Groningen. In the abstract he submitted for the ‘Longdagen’ it is explained that prenatal smoke exposure alters the development of the lung epithelium in neonatal mice and via which mechanism. The abstract was well structured, clearly written and elucidates the underlying mechanism of reduced ciliated cell differentiation upon prenatal smoke exposure very well. This award was made possible by sponsor Chiesi. 

From the Lung foundation three prizes were awarded: the Sterk Participation Prize, the Dirkje Postma Talent Award and the Audience Award (publieksprijs). More information about these award winners can be found on the Lung Foundation website.

Sterk Participation Prize

De Sterk Participation Prijs is won by Karen Moor from the Erasmus MC. She received the prize for her research into the development and evaluation of a home monitoring program for patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Dirkje Postma Talent Award 

Dr. Mirjam Kool received the Dirkje Postma Talent Award for her research into sarcoidosis.  

Audience Award (Publieksprijs)

Rianne de Vries from the AMC received the ‘Longdagen Publieksprijs 2018’, a prize for the best research according to patients. Her research about the SpiroNose, a smart device which can smell lung disease, was chosen by the audience that was present during the ‘Longdagen’. This award was made possible by sponsor Chiesi.