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Carmen Veith received NRS Travel Grant (2)

Travel grants June 2018

Recently, I attended the Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on “NOX family NADPH oxidases” in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. The conference was preceded by a research seminar, specifically designed to provide junior scientists a platform for presenting their data and discuss research ideas but also challenges in science. I am very excited that I will be actively involved in organizing the next Gordon NOX seminar in 2 years as co-chair.

During the conference, invited speakers presented recent and unpublished work about NOX involvement and their regulation in various diseases. Especially the presentations about NOX methodology were of interest to me as it is very difficult to visualize and measure NOX activity in cells as a lot of the available antibodies are non-specific. I was also invited to give my first conference talk about “the involvement of the tyrosine kinase FYN in NOX4-dependent profibrotic signaling”. Additionally, I presented part of my recent work during the poster session and had valuable discussions with leaders in the field and received good input which gave me new ideas how to proceed.

Attending the conference and actively being involved in the preceding seminar, expanded my knowledge regarding NOX biology and gave me some new ideas how to study NOX4 in IPF.

I would like to thank the NRS for the financial support which made it possible to attend this conference, present my work and strengthen my network within the NOX-field.

Carmen Veith 
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology
NUTRIM School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism 
Maastricht University Medical Center+