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Ciro Curiosity Conference - Patient empowerment through Personalized Medicine

General May 2018
Ciro Curiosity Conference - Patient empowerment through Personalized Medicine

Patient Empowerment through personalized Medicine? 

A legal and ethical exploration. 

Friday June 29th - Ciro Horn, Hornerheide 1, 6085 NM Horn

Within personalized medicine, patient participation plays a key role. Whereas patient participation within personalized medicine originally was described as the willingness to participate in the generation and analysis of data, the digitalization of healthcare allows for an ever-greater involvement of the patient in his/her healthcare. It has given rise to the popular idea that people should be proactive and well-informed participants in their own health care and have the personal responsibility to manage their own health. 

But how do we, as a society, facilitate this? Which conditions are necessary for personalized medicine to lead to true patient empowerment? Furthermore, how can we guarantee an ethically justifiable and socially just integration op personalized medicine into society? 

This conference will explore the key ethical and legal issues facing the future of patient empowerment within personalized medicine by bringing together the view of patients, health practitioners, sociologists, ethicists, political scientists and lawyers.  

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