EASYM - 2nd International Meeting on Systems Medicine

General August 2018

EASYM - 2nd International Meeting on Systems Medicine

The European Association of Systems Medicine e.V. (EASyM) is a charitable association open to everyone with an interest in personalised medicine and systems medicine.  The concept of personalised medicine, or rather P4 medicine (predictive, personalised, preventive, participatory medicine), requires not just the acquisition but also the processing of large amounts of personal data. There are too many factors and interactions playing a role in the progression of complex diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, inflammatory or metabolic diseases to get any meaningful results out of the raw data. Systems Medicine builds on the integration and analysis of complex data sets through mathematical algorithm and computational modelling.

The EASyM is organizing the 2nd international meeting on Systems Medicine in the beautiful regions of Utrecht on 7th-9th November 2018. 

Program and registration 

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