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ELSI Servicedesk (source: BBMRI-website)

NRS December 2018

ELSI Servicedesk (source: BBMRI-website)

The ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications) Servicedesk (https://www.elsi.health-ri.nl/) offers guidance and answers to the ethical, legal and societal questions around Personalized Medicine research faced by life sciences professionals, policymakers and patients.

Personalized medicine is strongly emerging. Treatments are more focused on the individual patient and his or her unique characteristics and disease. Expectations around this targeted approach are high. There are however many uncertainties, for example how to correctly deal with large amounts of human tissue and genetic data. How can researchers guarantee data protection and ensure privacy?

The ELSI Servicedesk helps to answer the questions of researchers, caregivers, patient advocates and policy makers. The website provides frequently asked questions with answers, and the opportunity to contact the helpdesk, where one of the ELSI experts answers questions.