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Fifth symposium of the NRS platform on animal models in pulmonary research

NRS October 2015

When: October 16th, 2015.
Location: David de Wied gebouw, M2.01, Universiteitsweg 99, 3584 CG Utrecht, de Uithof.

9.45-10.15 hr. Welcome and introduction.
Gert Folkerts (Pharmacology, Utrecht University), Rudi Hendriks (Pulmonology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) and Gerry Wagenaar (Pediatrics, LUMC, Leiden).

10.15-11.00 hr. Lung imaging.

  • Visualizing allergic immune responses of the airway mucosa: Tibor Veres, MediCity Research Laboratory, University of Turku, Turku, Finland.

11.00-12.40 hr. Asthma and allergic airway disease.

  • IL33 and TSLP involvements in influenza-induced exacerbation in a murine model of chronic  asthma: Lara Ravanetti, Pulmonology, AMC, Amsterdam
  • A combination treatment of olodaterol and tiotropium synergistically inhibits airway  inflammation in a HDM rechallenge model of allergic airway disease in mice: Stan de Klein, Pulmonology, LUMC, Leiden
  • The effects of oligosaccharides in a house dust mite induced asthma model: Kim Verheijden, Pharmacology, UIPS, Utrecht University, Utrecht
  • Notch signaling in CD4+ T-cells is required in allergic asthma in vivo: Irma Tindemans, Pulmonary Medicine, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam.

12.40-13.10 hr. Lunch

13.10-15.10 hr. Lung infection.

  • Local lymphoid tissues and immunity to pulmonary infection: Troy Randall, Medicine, Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, University of  Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • Pre-clinical testing of novel influenza vaccines: Guus Rimmelzwaan, Virology, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam
  • The role of B cells in Mycoplasma pneumoniae colonization and infection in the murine  respiratory tract: Patrick Meyer Sauteur, Pediatrics, Erasmus MC-Sophia Children's Hospital, Rotterdam
  • Cell specific innate immune sensing during experimental bacterial pneumonia.: Alex de Vos, Center for Infection and Immunity Amsterdam, AMC, Amsterdam.

15.10-15.30 hr. Tea and coffee break


15.30-16.45 hr Perinatal Lung injury and remodelling.

  • Pulmonary vasculature changes after an intra-uterine inflammatory hit in an extremely premature  sheep fetus - moving to a more clinical model: Monique Willems, Pediatrics, MUMC, Maastricht
  • Deficiency or inhibition of lysophosphatidic acid receptor 1 protects against hyperoxia-induced  lung injury in neonatal rats: Xueyu Chen, Laboratory of Neonatology, Pediatrics, LUMC, Leiden
  • Therapeutic implications of beta-catenin inhibition in airway smooth muscle, using the small- molecule compound ICG-001: Tim Koopmans, Molecular Pharmacology, University of Groningen, Groningen.

17.00-18.30 hr. Network meeting with drinks and Italian Buffet.

Please contact Inez van den Burg by email (i.m.van.den.burg@umcg.nl) to register for the symposium.  Please indicate if you stay for dinner at the end of the symposium.

NRS membership is mandatory. After that the attendance is free of charge!

Best wishes from the NRS platform animal models,
Gerry T.M. Wagenaar (g.t.m.wagenaar@lumc.nl)
Gert Folkerts (G.Folkerts@uu.nl)
Rudi Hendriks (r.hendriks@erasmusmc.nl)