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Pulmonary Hypertension Meeting 2017

General September 2017

At the present time, PAH research in the Netherlands is growing rapidly with more and more researchers joining from both foreign and Dutch institutes. The performance of the PAH research in terms of the number and quality of publications and the number of respective citations has been gradually increasing in the last ten years. The Netherlands Heart foundation and the Lung foundation both well-recognised the importance of PAH research in the Netherlands and are offering more and more financial support to perform quality research. Since the PAH is a rare disease, it is very essential to work together with other national and international institutes to share the patient materials and the knowledge.

This PAH research meeting 2017 will help the PAH researchers in the Netherlands to meet and make potential collaborations with international PAH research groups to do quality research relatively faster. Furthermore, networking with top researchers in the field helps both the young and established researchers in the Netherlands not only to write grants together but is also useful for materials and knowledge exchange without major limitations.


To register for this meeting please fill out the registration form or send an e-mail to mcb-sec@lumc.nl or k.b.kurakula@lumc.nl with Subject: “PAH meeting 2017”. Deadline October 2nd 2017. 

Registration is free for NRS members.